About Us


Who we are
We are a Bespoke Clean Energy Provider and Solutions company established with the prime ultimatum to bridge the very tortuous gully in power supply in Nigeria and the Western part of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our value proposition

    Our team has designed and patented self-sufficient solar generators from 1-300 kW supplying day and night energy. These generators are manufactured in Europe, shipped worldwide, and installed by our partners. We also design tailored generators for specific applications. These include the kw3 autonomous solar generator, domestic solar, industrial, and solar street lights, among others.


    To be a leading provider of renewable energy products and off-grid energy storage solutions across West Africa.


    We are committed to becoming a leading Renewable energy storage brand, building a sustainable energy future, and developing energy solutions.

    Our Core Values

      We are guided by the following:
      Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation, Customer Satisfaction, and Quality Service.